TSF improves access to education in MADAGASCAR

TSF improves access to education for vulnerable children in Madagascar

Many families in rural Madagascar have difficulties schooling their children. Parents often have no choice other than to send them to the nearest schools in Miarinarivo, the capital of the Itasy region; however, safe and affordable housing is scarce, forcing infants to run the risk of falling upon host families that exploit and abuse them.


In parallel with its activities in the community centre in Miarinarivo, in 2015 TSF put in place a second mLearning plan for various extra-curricular activities in collaboration with Malagasy NGO, Ny Hary within its Alabri Centre. This organisation’s objective is to provide a safe environment for underprivileged and vulnerable children by offering accommodation,education and basic support.


The TSF mLearning kit made up of 10 tablets, provides online and offline educational resources via a dedicated server. The Alliance Française (French Alliance) in Antananarivo gives children access to French-language books and articles on a digital platform.





The tablets’ content offers an alternative educational approach, promoting creativity and interac tion between students.


Various activities include:

Educational supervision
o Homework assistance using internet and mLearning online/offline content for research activities;
o Introduction to scientific research.
o Mathematics exercices on tablets


Learning langages:
o French
o English
o Grammar and conjugations games


Reading club
o Traditional Malagasy tales;
o Using French language to communicate;
o Oral and written comprehension support.


Practical activities
o Creative art;
o Concentration exercises;
o Motor skills.


Activities for educators
o Researching new educational tools;
o Creating a network for content sharing between the region’s teachers.



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Nov. – Dec. 2015:
222 children
(between 10 – 19 years old)


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