UPDATE:CAR:Connectivity for peace and cultural understanding

Central African Republic: Connectivity for peace and cultural understanding


Some 2,939 miles separate the towns of Billère in France and M’Baïki in the Central African Republic (CAR). Thanks to a project entitled La Paix ici et là-bas (Peace at home and abroad), children from Billère, just a few miles away from TSF’s headquarters, and from the town of M’Baïki are opening up to, and developing their perceptions of different ways of living whilst establishing notions of citizenship by means of cultural exchanges.


Via these cultural exchanges and thanks to activities based on equality and justice, youngsters from M’Baïki and Billère are looking to gain a better understanding of how the world works, and how children from different countries grow up. Teachers from the two towns also benefit from the programme and are able to strengthen their approach to citizenship in their lessons.


In order to facilitate these exchanges, TSF has provided its support by installing a high-speed fixed satellite connection in the town of M’Baïki, fulfilling its objective to use communications to connect isolated areas and facilitate cultural understanding between communities.


“The civil war that has hit the Central African Republic prevents physical contact between the children of our respective towns. Thanks to the connection that TSF has put in place, the children can talk easily via email, sharing photos and videos. Maybe one day they will even be able to meet one another!”


Jacques Cabanes, Billère Town Councillor, Head of Decentralised Cooperation


“A big thanks to TSF for installing the satellite antenna on the roof of the town hall in M’Baïki. The population and the children are crying out with joy. This gesture is a vital boost for our project and will favour inter-cultural understanding between the children of our two towns.”


Pascal Kiki, Mayor of M’Baïki