TSF extends its commitment to the Swiss Cooperation

TSF extends its commitment to the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development in Latin America.


From 22nd to 25th August 2011, TSF led a workshop on the emergency telecommunications in Cuzco (Peru), with 23 special agents of the GIAR (Rapid Intervention and Support Group) and various Swiss embassy officials in Latin America.


The GIAR is a special unit that, in case of crisis, is in charge of damage assessment, humanitarian actions and protection of Swiss citizens abroad.

Following this successful cooperation, TSF was invited by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development in Central America (COSUDE) to provide a training session based on information and communication technologies for the benefit of its emergency local team.

From 25th to 27th April 2012, TSF therefore led a regional workshop on the emergency telecommunications in Ciudad Antigua (Guatemala) for the benefit of 29 of COSUDE's emergency responders. Representatives of organisations active in Central America attended the 3-day training session: Swiss embassy officials, agents of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development, various NGOs (including Terre des Hommes and CARITAS Switzerland), and the Swiss Red Cross. In addition, four countries of the region were represented: Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

The theoretical and practical sessions, as well as the simulation exercise at the end of the training day, enabled the participants to become familiar with telecom equipment and the services available during emergencies. TSF presented the role of telecom technologies in disaster situations and the possibilities offered in terms of collection, transmission and analysis of information. TSF trained participants in installing and using the most up-to-date and modern satellite solutions and mobile-based data collection and alert systems. Our experts particularly focused on:

-     Satellite communications;

-     Field data collection on damages and victims in emergencies;
-    Information management, sharing and monitoring tools;
-     GPS and mapping services.


During the three days, TSF continually provided scientific advice and technical expertise to the humanitarian workers.

This training session means that the participants are now fully prepared to deploy the relevant technological solutions in a real emergency scenario.


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