TSF trains World Vision to deploy emergency ICTs

IMGP6706webFrom 29th to 30th March 2011 in Managua (Nicaragua), TSF trained 14 of the international NGO World Vision, in the use of emergency telecoms. Indeed, it was World Vision who requested TSF to carry out a simulation exercise, so that they could benefit from TSF’s extensive field experience. This training follows an initial session run by TSF, in 2009, for 50 NGOs from Latin America, and financed by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO).

Ninety-five percent of the participants stated that they were satisfied with the session organised by TSF. The majority of participants work in different departments of Nicaragua, responsible for operations in their own district. World Vision manages numerous projects in Nicaragua, in the education, health and environmental sectors. Elsewhere, the organisation is an effective responder on the ground in Latin America during humanitarian crises.

World Vision already possesses satellite materials (including telephones and Internet). The training provided by TSF will enable them to improve their communication and the coordination of their activities in emergency environments.