The UN calls upon TSF to train emergency responders

The UN calls upon TSF to train South American first responders in emergency preparedness

From 29th November until 5th December 2014, TSF took part in a UN-organised exercise in Argentina. This training session brought together members of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination division (UNDAC) and its humanitarian partners. The aim was to strengthen participants abilities in coordination, assessment and the management of emergency humanitarian actions.


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Since 2006, TSF has been the official first responder of the United Nations Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, as well as working in partnership with UNDAC. These bodies are appointed to reinforce governments in countries affected by humanitarian crises during the first phase of emergencies. TSF is designated as the ICT support specialist.


Through these commitments, TSF puts forward its knowledge and expertise to train fellow emergency responders. The aims of which are as follows:

- Increase the response capacity of local emergency workers

- Manage emergency telecoms in crisis situations
- Train local actors in ICT solutions
- Transfer knowledge and skills within participating organisations


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Such training sessions allow TSF to adapt its response and coordination capacities according to the needs of the various organisations and UN agencies involved in first response.