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UPDATE: Mexico - Towards stronger protection for migrants

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In recent years, the nature of South-North migration in the Americas has considerably evolved. A growing number of families and unaccompanied minors are fleeing violence, high rates of crime and natural disasters, turning what was previously considered as principally economic migration into a full-scale humanitarian crisis. Through its involvement in several protection and assistance projects, TSF has demonstrated that environmental factors such as location, context are a central element for an appropriated response to the needs of exposed populations. For this specific context, TSF has developed a connected information diffusion solution designed around three criteria...


UPDATE: Venezuelan crisis - Beyond restoring family ties


"I came to Brazil with my son because the situation is catastrophic Venezuela; there is no more work, no food and no medicine. My mother has cancer but her treatment is no longer available locally," says Gabriela, a 30-year-old Venezuelan. "Every week, my son goes back and forth from Boa Vista to bring medicine and food to the rest of the family in Venezuela. We have no other choice if we want to survive."


UPDATE: Brazil New IP telephony solution Venezuelan crisis

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Télécoms Sans Frontières emphasizes the importance of providing an accessible response to any given situation. Our dedication to efficiency translates as ensuring that we develop the technical means to respond directly to beneficiary needs, whilst applying our experience, know-how and expertise to overcome constraints and obstacles that are inherent to certain situations.



UPDATES: Satellite lines provided to Syrian medical teams


In order to assist medical staff in the coordination of their operations, Télécoms Sans Frontières sent a team to Syria's border regions to provide satellite lines to the medical teams that risk their lives to assist the war-wounded.

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