Kyrgyzstan: TSF support in Osh, at the heart of the conflict

Start of the mission: 17th June 2010

End of the mission: 3rd July 2010

At Osh airport:
Data communication services were operational via a BGAN terminal provided by TSF.
Before their departure, TSF members handed over the connection to a local ISP for all UN agencies.

ACTED offices in Osh:
Our team provided a continued support to the international NGOs ACTED and OXFAM, setting up internet connections via BGAN terminals and providing tech support to the humanitarian staff working in the offices.
The local network being operational on 28th June, the connection migrated from TSF's satellite terminals to the local connection on 29th June.

Voters in Kyrgyzstan voted in a referendum on Sunday 27th June, and they have overwhelmingly approved a new constitution to create a parliamentary democracy. The situation in southern Kyrgyzstan is stabilising.
Fighting between Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks, which started in the city of Osh on June 10th, left a reported 2,000 people dead and forced 400,000 to flee their homes, many streaming across the border into Uzbekistan.





Testimonies of beneficiaries:

“From day one when TSF BGAN was installed at the WFP logistic base/warehouse/camp in Osh where all UN agencies were located or based. BGAN data was heavily used the first two weeks for sending/receiving emails, reports, pictures. For sure I was not going to achieve in a very short time what I was planning to do there. I had great help from TSF. They did an excellent job. Please continue doing it.”
Ozdzan Hadziemin, Senior Telecoms Specialist/Team Leader

“Once again, thanks for all your hard work in supporting our setup in Osh. I can already say that you have left everything in a very good shape. I am sure we will come across you again in some other emergency.”
Jalal Shah, ICT Officer, Fast IT & Telecoms Emergency & Support Team (FITTEST), World Food Program, United Nations