TSF supports migrant community in Mexico


According to various civil society organisations, around 400,000 migrants arrive from Central America into Mexico each year. The situation for people crossing Mexico is becoming ever the more dangerous, to such an extent that it is being considered a humanitarian crisis.  One of the greatest problems to be solved is that of the thousands of missing people, no doubt victims of organised crime.


Mission: re-establish lifelines

Since its creation, Télécoms Sans Frontières’ humanitarian mission has been about re-establishing lifelines for those who have been cut off. As with medical or food aid, telecommunication holds an equally crucial importance amongst populations affected by disaster. The various crises mean that often, populations are displaced, thousands of people are separated from their families and there are very few structures in place which can allow these people to restore contact with their loved ones. Local NGO, FM4 Paso Libre, supplies humanitarian aid to the migrants in Guadalajara, a city situated on the country’s migrant corridor, half way between the southern and northern borders. This organisation is also involved in raising awareness surrounding migration in the community. Their aim is to build a society where migrants are treated with dignity and justice.


ICT for Migrants

DSCN3159Since 2011, TSF and FM4 Paso Libre have been collaborating in this project named ‘Lazos Libres’. At the heart of the Shelter for Migrants, managed by FM4 Paso Libre, TSF installed an international calls service. Thus, since the project’s establishment, more than 720 families have been able to regain contact, including the most vulnerable - unaccompanied children, women, and victims of violence.

“I appreciate having been able to make a phone call using your services. Thanks to you, I was able to phone my daughter and let her know everything was alright. The situation was especially worrying for her as I am currently 7 months pregnant. I was able to reassure my family that everything was fine thanks to the call you provided.”
(Sandra, one of the people who has benefited from the service).


From ‘Lazos Libres’ to ‘Conectando Vidas’

Thanks to the success of the Lazos Libres project, TSF and FM4 Paso Libre are broadening their collaboration in the use of ICT, with a project named ‘Conectando Vidas’. This project will:

• increase the number of calls made;
• computerise the beneficiaries‘ database and information system;
• allow the useof a collaborative system for sharing information between the various organisations helping migrants.

All of the above actions provide more effective assistance for vulnerable migrants. Télécoms Sans Frontières’ work makes sure that people can express themselves and ensures that communication remains a universal and inalienable right.