Emergency deployment to Nepal

Emergency deployment to Nepal


Following the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal, TSF deployed a team from its International Headquarters and from its Regional Office for Asia and Pacific (ROAP) on Sunday 26th of April. 


The aim of this deployment is to quickly offer voice calls to affected  populations, to provide relief organisations and coordination centres  with reliable satellite connections and to assess the telecom infrastructure of the affected area. 


05/05/2015 - Situation Report

You will find via the links bellow the latest TSF Situation Report illustrating our operations


28/05/2015 - One month after the earthquake - Fiel Report



TSF reconnects International Search and Rescue Teams and UN coordination


Our teams touched down on Nepalese tarmac on 28/04/2015 at midday and immediately set up camp at the foot of Kathmandu International Airport alongside Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams from across the world.


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A high-speed satellite internet connection has been put in place to create a Wi-fi environment for the On-Site Operation Coordination Centre (OSOCC) dedicated to Search and Rescue, set up within the camp to ensure the coordination of these life-saving actions.


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This connection allows rescue teams from USAR Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, China, the USA, the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland and Canada to carry out situation analyses, allocation of assignments and disaster mapping thus enhancing their operations amongst those trapped helplessly in the rubble.


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TSF sets up connection in United Nations Reception/Departure Centre


As part of its continued dedication to enhancing relief effort coordination in Nepal, our teams today (30/04/2015) set up a high-speed satellite internet connection for the UNRDC - United Nations Reception/Departure Centre.


The RDC, based in Kathmandu International Airport, is responsible for receptioning all humanitarian aid into the country and registering organisations as and when they arrive. With planes taking off and landing on a constant basis, a reliable connection is required to be able to keep track and diffuse reports of each organisation's roles within the country, thus harmonising the response efforts.


In parallel, assessment teams are also currently deployed to survey the impacts of the earthquake on the telecoms infrastructures. Further reinforcement from the TSF office in Washington will arrive in Nepal tomorrow(01/05/2015)


Humanitarian Calling Operations


Our teams trekked for 4 days to reach communities in the foothills of the Himalayas cut off by the earthquake. Free satellite calls were offered in order for these people who had not yet received any aid to communicate their needs and request assistance.


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