Migrant crisis: 325 302 devices connected

Migrant crisis: 352 302 devices connected




Present in the Balkans between September 2015 and June 2016, TSF placed itself at the heart of the migrant crisis to make internet available to those cut off and help reconnect families forced to flee their home countries due to ongoing violence and conflict. Operations were later extended to the Greek islands and mainland Greece in November of the same year, carried out alongside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


Thanks to high-density Wi-Fi installed by TSF experts in Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, over 325,302 unique devices were connected to TSF internet, allowing migrants to make the most of social networks and cross-platform communication apps, assisting them in keeping in touch with their loved ones. Beyond this vital psychological relief for migrants, internet access was also open to humanitarian workers and overseeing government bodies working in the centres to help enhance cross-border coordination and information flow.


On average each phone connected to TSF Wi-Fi sent the equivalent of 150 WhatsApp messages or made voice calls equating to a total of 7 minutes.


Unique devices: 325,302
GB used: 32,676 GB 







Click the video below to find out how Ali, 32 years old from Afghanistan, benefits from TSF internet.