Supporting life-saving medical aid for Mosul IDPs

TSF has been on the ground in Iraq since November 2016 supporting operations for NGOs in Qayyarah working to serve the thousands of families fleeing Mosul. Recent site surveys in the region's camps unveiled gaps in support of the medical sector.


Assessments in Hammam al-Alil


At the start of April, TSF set up a new connection in Hammam al-Alil where a field trauma hospital has recently been implanted. The trauma centre treats Mosul's most severe cases and is the place where immediate life-saving or damage control surgery is required in order to survive.

Since its set-up, the trauma facility has saved over 1,200 lives, around half of whom were women and young children.


TSF-connected Trauma Facility, Hammam al-Alil


With an average data transfer rate of 6 GB per day, the aim of TSF's connection is to galvanise the coordination between the numerous field hospitals of the region and facilitate the communication between logisticians and doctors working to save the lives of the most vulnerable.