UPDATE: Supporting medical relief in northern Syria

Territorial control in Syria has changed many times since the country's uprising began more than six years ago. The evolution of the powers at play has a direct impact on the work of humanitarian actors.


Regardless of the challenging circumstances, TSF has been providing unwavering support to the medical sector, enabling the operations of the people who risk their lives attempting to save those of others.


TSF has dispatched emergency satellite connectivity to partner organisations on the ground in Idlib and Aleppo areas. A total of 16 primary health centres (PHC), hospitals and clinics, warehouses and offices are equipped with satellite communication devices.


Stable internet connectivity is essential to coordinate activities between the different players to optimize life-saving treatment:
-    Information handover between field workers and hospital-based doctors;
-    Patients’ arrival between ambulances and hospitals;
-    Patients’ transfers between hospitals;
-    Supply of medications with warehouses and pharmacies.


In the first half of 2017, 224,176 injured and infirm individuals benefited from enhanced medical assistance in TSF-connected Syrian health facilities. An increase in the number of patients of 22.8% compared to 2016.


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