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TSF initiates mHealth data programme in Syria



TSF is developing a mobile data collection programme especially for Syria Charity's medical workers in the Azaz district in the aim of enhancing health access for conflict-affected populations.


TSF - motherhood in Myanmar - mHealth training



In isolated areas of Myanmar, there is a lack of qualified maternity workers able to provide dependable birthing practices for future mothers. TSF has developed a mHealth data collection application to help guide auxiliary midwives through the course of antenatal consultations. 


Violence against women: TSF in action


Chinandega is a department located in north-west Nicaragua, on the Honduras border. Combating violence against women is a major challenge because the department has to face several problems: domestic violence, prostitution, trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation… Télécoms Sans Frontières developed an information system to reinforce the actions of the Movimiento de las Mujeres en Chinandega – MMCH (Chinandega Women Movement) in the field of prevention of violence against women as well as victim support.


Mobile technologies serving the health sector in Nicaragua

AccueilmatagalpaSince 2009, TSF has utilised technologies for information and communication management in the health sector. Having created an application to improve the monitoring of patients with malaria in Thailand, TSF leant its support to the Ministry of Health in Nicaragua (MINSA): TSF implemented an epidemiological monitoring system, using GSM technology, to fight the dengue fever epidemic in Managua, in 2009. In 2011, TSF reinforced the capacities of the System of Integral Health Services (SILAIS) in Jinotega to reduce maternal mortality rates, and improve the epidemiological monitoring. Today, TSF is still working alongside the MINSA and is supporting the SILAIS of Matagalpa in its fight against child pneumonia.

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