Violence against women: TSF in action



Chinandega is a department located in north-west Nicaragua, on the Honduras border. Combating violence against women is a major challenge because the department has to face several problems: domestic violence, prostitution, trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation… Télécoms Sans Frontières developed an information system to reinforce the actions of the Movimiento de las Mujeres en Chinandega – MMCH (Chinandega Women Movement) in the field of prevention of violence against women as well as victim support. This project includes 13 municipalities of Chinandega.




This information system enables to take action on women protection at different levels. The principal objectives are:

- Ease communication of MMCH with its volunteer network
- Ease reception by MMCH of warning messages/cries and their communication to adequate local actors in each municipality on Chinandega
- Ensure regular communication by SMS with women in difficult situation
- Monthly collect data forms about violence against women from MMCH representatives in each of the 13 municipalities
- Reinforce communication between MMCH and the associations combating violence against women Las Dignas and Visitación Padia in Honduras and Las Melidas in El Salvador.


The beneficiaries of the project are employees of the Chinandega Women Movement, 104 key actors working for women protection and 650 promoters of women rights defence, belonging to this same movement, in the 13 municipalities. From now on, these actors are able to intervene more efficiently for women victims of domestic violence in the Chinandega department, but also for associations out of Nicaragua.


- 8% of offences, reported to department Police, are domestic or sexual violence.
- 53.8% of women in the department report having received physical, psychological or sexual abuse, at least once in their life, from their partner of ex-partner.
- In 2010, 22 complaints for disappearance have been lodged, following cases of commercial sexual exploitation of women, adolescent girls and young women.


In 2011, MMCH helped 760 women victims of domestic violence and 40 victims of sexual violence. The Movement also supported 20 women and adolescent girls victims of sexual violence and at risk of sexual exploitation.




TSF installed a computer server equipped with FrontlineSMS software and a GSM card within the headquarters of the Chinandega Women Movement to enable its members to send key information by SMS to the 650 promoters of women rights at local and departmental levels and to women in difficult situations.

20 mobile phones have been provided to the representatives of the association in each of the 13 municipalities of Chinandega to send to the headquarters on a monthly basis forms regarding violence registered at local level (sexual and domestic violence, clandestine abortions…), as well as activities conducted in favour of women. The phones also allow the 13 representatives, key members of the Movement, to send for free all sorts of information by SMS. The headquarters of the association is then able to collect structured statistical data about the different matters monitored.

The headquarters server has a phone number which will become the warning number for women at risk of violence. TSF conducted a training workshop for the different local entities working on the issue of violence against women (police, town councils, health centres…) to create a dynamic network of actors available to respond in case of emergency and help a victim. The server receives SMS warnings and transfers the message to the appropriated actors.



In parallel, TSF conducted a dissemination operation of the warning number to the local population in each municipality. At the completion of the training, each movement representative is in charge of the regular long term communication of this number to the population.

Finally, a Skype account has been installed within the headquarters to manage the cross-border communications with the associations in Honduras and El Salvador.


1. Acquisition of a computer and installation of the equipment within the headquarters of the Movement
2. Training of the administrators in the use of the system
3. Creation of forms in collaboration with MMCH administration
4. Training in the use of mobile phones to send forms with the Movement representatives of each municipality within the Association headquarters in Chinandega
5. Workshops in each of the 13 municipalities to develop networks based on solidarity + dissemination actions of the emergency call number in each municipality
6. Field visits to follow up the project


















With the development of this information system, TSF is reinforcing the capacities of MMCH by ensuring better communication within the headquarters as well as a statistical monitoring of violence not only in the department but also in Honduras and El Salvador. This project directly benefits women victims of violence through a quick and efficient response made possible thanks to the creation of a network of local actors immediately informed in case of emergency.

About MMCH:

The Chinandega Women Movement is a non-for-profit organisation, created in 1992, to promote appropriation and defence of women rights. To this end, the Movement develops several activities: self-help groups, information, psychological and legal support. This is a feminist secular association, apolitical and autonomous.