UPDATE: Mobile health aid in Syria

TSF - Mobile health aid in Syria


With the insecurity context intensifying in Syria on a daily basis, it is vital for health workers to have an efficient tool to deliver much needed health and nutritional aid. It is for this reason that in 2015 TSF teamed up with NGO Syria Charity to provide a digital solution for effective data collection in the district of Azaz in a project funded by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).


The use of a mobile health system for data collection in the Syrian context holds several advantages and was carefully designed by Télécoms Sans Frontières in order to:


/ ensure the rapidity of the medical teams' performance whilst working in high-risk zones
/ reduce the margin for error thanks to pre-defined settings
/ Automatically upload, save and back up data onto a server in Turkey
/ provide instant access to vital health statistics


The Director General of Syria Charity's Turkey office explains that "One of our hospitals was bombed in Azaz. All of the paper health records were lost during the strikes but thanks to the system put in place by TSF, the data was backed up on our server in Turkey."









At this stage in the programme, 71% of the targeted households have been reached, representing 18,269 individuals (some 7,840 women, 5,330 boys and 5,099 girls). Beyond this, the mHealth solution proposed by TSF has allowed 2,249 pregnant women to receive prenatal care.