Jean-Claude LAURENT

jc_pics65, France

Volunteer at TSF Headquarters, Human Resources Coordinator


“To make a difference in the greater scheme of humanitarian action…”


While working as a Geophysicist for a French oil company, I traveled from the Gulf of Guinea to Norway, but I never had the time to really give back to the humanitarian community.
It was at my retirement that I could invest my time more regularly. One day, I saw a news story about Telecoms Sans Frontières on the television and I knew right away that that was what I wanted to do. Soon after, I became a volunteer, and 2 months later I was deployed to India after the Bhuj earthquake. Next, in September 2001, I was recruited for the TSF team that responded after the AZF catastrophe in Toulouse, France. That same year, we were deployed to Peru, Algeria, Rwanda and Iraq.
My ambition is to make a difference in the greater scheme of humanitarian action. It’s my pleasure to continue to come to the assistance of populations in distress with TSF, where the spirit of teamwork and harmony are not an illusion.