Zuhaib Ashfaq Khan

volontaire_zuhaib_webZuhaib Ashfaq Khan

23, Pakistan

Volunteer at TSF Asia

"I am doing my Masters in Telecommunications at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand, and I am volunteering at TSF Bangkok. In 2008, I was deployed with the TSF teams after a violent earthquake in Pakistan. It was my first experience with a humanitarian organisation and I felt very proud to be part of this mission. We had to cope with our limited resources, bad weather and aftershocks that were almost as powerful as the original earthquake but everyone was doing their best. I had a good time working with the other members of the team and I learnt a lot from them. I was very touched to see the victims we were helping being so thankful and curious about us. One old lady told us: "God bless these people who came to help us in our homeland from so far”.
I really hope that I will continue to work with TSF in the future."