Cinthia Rosales Suarez

vonlontaire_cinthiaCinthia Rosales Suarez

27, Nicaragua

Volunteer at TSF Americas


"I have been part of the TSF family since April 2007. It’s a family for me because volunteers and staff are working together in a very peaceful and friendly atmosphere.
I was first deployed to Peru after the earthquake. I was feeling very nervous but it all went very well. I enjoyed this mission so much although we were working in rough conditions: no shower for 10 days, eating only tuna with crackers, going to bed late at night and getting up very early, going up on a roof to get a better connection. It feels so rewarding to help people -- giving them free calls -- and to actually see on their face the emotion when they get in touch with their loved ones, whether it be to let them know that they are safe, to ask them for economic assistance or to inform them about the loss of a relative.
I was also deployed in Nicaragua after Hurricane Felix. I had the chance to discover regions of my own country. I was very happy after I received praise from the Head of the mission for my work.
Thanks to TSF, I was trained in the use of satellite telecommunication equipment: I learnt to use GPS and I could refresh my knowledge of Bgan, etc.  I also received  training in accountancy.
I feel so proud to be part of TSF and I will continue to do my best."