Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix
AT&T celebrated its ongoing support for TSF at the Monaco Grand Prix with the placement of the charity’s logo on the AT&T Williams race cars during the weekend courtesy of AT&T (13th-16th May).

AT&T has supported TSF since 2003 through an annual contribution to the first humanitarian organisation specialised in providing emergency telecommunications and headquartered in Europe.

GD5D5781The presence of the TSF logo provided the charity with an opportunity to raise its global profile during the race weekend, arguably the most famous event in the Formula One calendar. An estimated 200,000 visitors attended the Monaco street circuit, and the event attracts a worldwide television audience of approximately 56 million people. The charity’s logo will be placed on the headrest of the AT&T Williams FW32 racing car with the wording ‘Presented by AT&T’.

It is also a timely celebration as Jean-François Cazenave, one of the charity’s co-founders, was recently awarded the Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest decoration of honour, for his humanitarian efforts. TSF is the leading charity specialising in emergency telecommunications.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our charity in front of a global audience,” said Jean-François Cazenave, President and co-founder of TSF. “Support from global organisations such as AT&T is so important to our mission to bring communications technology to those in real need. We have a long-standing and positive relationship with AT&T, which has helped our work so much.”
“In emergency situations, people need to communicate – to get help, get home, or let family and friends know they are safe. This is why the charity Télécoms Sans Frontières is so close to our hearts,” said Tom Regent, head of AT&T in EMEA. “We have supported TSF for many years and the spirit behind TSF is the same that drives AT&T – bringing people together with the aid of technology.”

2010 has already proved to be a busy year for TSF. Following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the charity deployed emergency response teams to the affected areas, setting up humanitarian calling operations to help victims get in touch with family and friends, and assist aid agencies in their logistical operations.

The idea for associating TSF to a Formula 1 racing car is not a coincidence. TSF which invented the concept of humanitarian telecommunications is known as one of the fastest organisations to deploy to disaster and conflict zones. To do its work TSF also uses the highest quality, top class performance technology. In emergencies, every second counts.

Since its creation on July 9th 1998, TSF has sent teams to over 55 countries and assisted more than 550 relief organisations and millions of victims.