TSF at the European Parliament in Brussels


On January 10th 2012 at the invitation of its long-term partner AT&T, TSF was taken on a guided tour of the European Parliament in Brussels.

We would like to deeply thank Mr Syed Kamall, Member of the European Parliament for London, Nicholas Simoncini and AT&T for organising Télécoms Sans Frontières photographic display in Brussels and helping raise awareness of TSF.

On January 11th, TSF was invited to the Brussels Network Meeting and the humanitarian organisation was at the center of the debates. TSF answered a series of questions about our activities to an audience of politicians and parliamentary staff.

Brussels Network meetings are an opportunity for traditional liberal think tanks, politicians, parliamentary staff and industry representatives to discuss topical issues and ways of working together.

Photo exhibition entitled 'Communications for life' - 10-12/01/2012

For over 13 years, Télécoms Sans Frontières has been striving to deploy essential communications services in emergency situations across the globe - fast. We are now the world's leading emergency telecommunications non-profit organisation.

Since 1998, TSF has intervened in some 60 countries, helping hundreds of thousands of victims and assisting over 600 humanitarian organisations. Each mission lasts on average 45 days. TSF becomes involved in cases of natural disaster like flooding or earthquakes, or in the aftermath of conflict.

'Communications for Life' is an exhibition that provides a real insight into the work TSF does all over the world. It includes coverage of some its most recent missions in Thailand, Turkey, Libya, El Salvador, Chile, Haiti, Pakistan and Italy.

These photos really capture what TSF does on the ground in disaster situations, illustrating both the help they give to people affected by disaster and conflict and their collaboration with humanitarian organisations.

AT&T is a premier communications holding company and one of the most honored companies in the world. It is committed to making the world a better place through corporate social responsibility, and has been recognised for its efforts: Corporate Responsibility Magazine listed AT&T in its 100 top corporate citizens for 2011, and the independent analyst firm Verdantix named AT&T a leader in the European market for sustainable telecom solutions and corporate sustainability performance.

Many people came to see the exhibition. Guests could admire the photos displayed on the wall at the entrance to the Parliament and on the screens of the computers made available for the event. Guests browse the photos and interactive screen with information on TSF.

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