TSF participates in the 2011 mHealth summit

mHealth Summit
December 5-7, 2011
Washington DC

Distributing mHealth is essential for the mHealth movement to meet its goals to cut costs and expand access to healthcare and health information. The distribution channels for mHealth continue to grow in creative and varied ways, from social media networks, to gaming platforms, medical devices to community healthcare workers, and more. These sessions identify the many ways mHealth is reaching, engaging, and educating consumers.


TSF has been carrying out mHealth-related activities since 2009. Paul Margie, the US Representative for TSF, was invited by the organizers to deliver a presentation on the Role of mHealth in Emergency Response.


The Role of mHealth in Emergency Response


Text messaging, geo-location systems, wearable devices, and other technologies have been used with success in emergency response and relief. An expert panel looks at the role mHealth plays in emergency response by examining case studies where mobile technologies have been used with success in emergency situations. Additionally, this panel explores how government officials are building capacity and spectrum to support the future use of wireless technologies to disseminate information and track outcomes.


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