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contrat_partenariat.jpgCommunicating is a universal need
The explosion of the usage of mobile phones and Internet in most developing countries shows that nowadays communicating is an essential need. In humanitarian emergencies, this need becomes crucial for victims because without reliable communications rescue teams , humanitarian organisations cannot coordinate and therefore efficiently respond to populations’ needs.
When TSF offers a 3 minute-call to an affected family in order to renew contact with a loved one, it enables this family to receive mental support and personalised assistance. A call within the first hours of a crisis also reassures family members abroad left without news since the disaster.


By helping us you can save lives and give hope to those who have lost everything.


At the border with Darfur, thanks to a simple call, a mother who was left without any news of her son who she thought had been killed when they both fled their village in Darfur three months before, managed to contact her brother in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, and be informed that her son was alive.


And you, who would you call?


Join our corporate club!
If it seemed natural in the past thirty years that pharmaceutical and food companies would help NGOs in their humanitarian actions, it is with the same engagement that the telecoms and new technologies industry can help us save lives.


Since the creation of TSF, our organisation has been supported in our humanitarian activities by some of the largest companies in the world of telecommunications.


This support is shown by:

  1. - an annual grant allowing our teams to deploy immediately anywhere in the world without having to wait for support from a governmental organisation
  1. Our donors also make:
  2. - donations of equipment, allowing our teams and those whom we help to benefit from top-class performance on a technical level

- following a disaster our partners organise donation appeals from their employees


    Our partners support TSF within the framework of a corporate social responsibility aspect, and benefit from the image of the leading NGO specialising in emergency telecommunications.


    To join our partners and learn more about our programme of visibility and loyalty, please contact the head office of Télécoms Sans Frontières :


    Alexander James Thomas - Head of Communication and International Relations

    Tel + 33 5 59 84 43 60      email :