Your support

Your support can make a difference!


Tchad-Mile_Telephonie_humanitaire_juillet04.jpgA donation of:
- $10 offers three-minute hope for 3 refugee famillies or disaster victims anywhere in the world

- $10 offers the transmission of a 2Mb file of prioritary health care needed by humanitarian workers in a crisis situation (medicine lists, food stocks...)

- $1,500 finances the connection  of a Telecom Community Centre for 3 months in remote areas.


To join our partners and learn more about our programme of visibility and loyalty, please contact the head office of Télécoms Sans Frontières :

Alexander James Thomas - Head of Communications and International Relations

Tel + 33 5 59 84 43 60           email :

Photos, reports, and testimonials from the field...  within the first hours of an emergency, we will send you all the communication tools  you need to communicate with your employees, your clients, the press and your stakeholders.