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VIGNETTEURGENCEIn emergency situations access to reliable telecommunications becomes critical to humanitarian response for both emergency responders and victims. Telecommunication networks are often seriously damaged or destroyed. See why telecoms and TSF's work are so important in emergencies.


ICT for development programs



TSF is also increasingly involved in longer-term prevention and development activities that offer sustainable communication solutions to local communities in the most isolated areas. These projects, dedicated to helping the least privileged, aim to bridge the digital divide, reinforce existing development programs and reduce inequalities in the health and education fields. ICTs offer the programs considerable possibilities to optimise the achievement of these aims.


Emergency preparedness and capacity development


Emergency_Telecom_Pres_20-07-09_PhotoReduktoTSF is using its experience as the first NGO specialising in telecommunications to build the capacity of other relief organisations and of national disaster response agencies in telecommunications and information technology.