Important dates in TSF's history

April 1991: first humanitarian missions of the founders of Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) with organisations SOS Action Humanitaire and Solidarité Pyrénéenne

1991-1998 :
more than 50 humanitarian missions as volunteers in Bosnia, Croatia, Iraq and Albania

June 1998 :
Creation of the concept of "humanitarian calling operations" for civilians affected by humanitarian crises. First calling operations with SOS Action Humanitaire in Albania

TSF_Georgia2008_ConflictJuly 1998 :
Creation of Télécoms Sans Frontières

April 1999 :
First official mission of TSF and first calling operation of TSF in Kosovo

November 2001 :
Opening of the first TSF Telecom Centre for the humanitarian community using satellite communications. Mazâr-e charif, Northern Afghanistan

September 2002 :
TSF becomes partner of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO)


April 2003 : First mission under the European Commission (ECHO). Baghdad, Iraq

October 2003 :
TSF opens its base for the Americas in Managua, Nicaragua

January 2004 :
TSF opens its base for Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. The opening of the regional bases enables interventions worldwide within 24 hours. These bases also enable to maintain close relationships with local emergency actors

October 2006 :
TSF signs the first worldwide partnership between a Non-Governmental Organisation and the United Nations agencies OCHA and UNICEF. TSF also becomes First Responder of the Emergency Telecoms Cluster


February 2007: TSF opens its first Community Centre in Dakoro, Niger


February 2009: TSF organises the first training in Emergency Telecommunications for international NGOs


October 2009: TSF uses mobile technologies to strengthen epidemiological monitoring in Nicaragua


April 2011: TSF receives the Space Achievement Award 2011


April 2011: TSF's president and co-founder is decorated with the Légion d'Honneur - the highest award in France


October 2011: First Mobile Cash Transfer operation to enhance food security of vulnerable households in pastoral areas of Kenya


September 2012: TSF successfully initiates its first mobile information system for collecting, processing and diffusing agricultural data via SMS in Niger


November 2012: TSF is registered as a Charity in the United Kingdom