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Press review 2013 - Click to discover all the articles published about TSF in 2013






Emergency Communications Organisation - August 2013 - Telecoms at the Frontline


Satnews - 17th June 2013 - Télécoms Sans Frontières Trains in Parched and Starving Africa... That Their Cups Mights Run Over

Satnews - 29th May 2013 - Télecoms Sans Frontières Trains in Dakar... Communication Crisis


Satnews - 7th May 2013 - Télécoms Sans Frontières... ECHO A Vote Of Confidence To Prep For Emergency Response 

Satnews - 18th April 2013 - TSF Brings Broadband Communications To Syrian Camps


Satnews - 17th April 2013 - TSF Opens Internet School For Traumatized Syrian Children


Satnews - 15th April 2013 - Télécoms Sans Frontières...Tablets + Testimonials Help With Terrors


Asian Institute of Technology - March 2013 - 25 participants from 18 international organizations join TSF training at AIT

Satnews - 22nd March 2013 - Télécoms Sans Frontières’...Sign Up Now...Not For The Fainthearted


Sky NEWS Arabia - February 2013 - Timbuktu is living in isolation

Satnews - 6th February 2013 - TSF Intervenes In Timbuktu... They Have The Right Connections

Capacity Magazine - 5th February 2013 - Télécoms Sans Frontières establishes satellite link in Timbuktu

Satnews - 4th February 2013 - TSF’s On Way To Timbuktu...Degradation In Safety Conditions



Satnews - 17th December 2012 - TSF In Evacuation Camp = Connections

UN-Spider - 15th August 2012 - Télécoms Sans Frontières improves satellite communication in the Sahel


Satnews - 11th July 2012 - As life slips away, communications are critical regarding water and food to sustain life...


Asian Institute of Technology - April 2012 - TSF chief assures AIT of support, keen to continue partnership


Le nouvel économiste - 12th April 2012 - Les nouvelles technologies au service de l'aide humanitaire


Là-bas - April 2012 - La nouvelle boîte à outils de l'humanitaire


L'Express de Madagascar - 1st March 2012 - Miarinarivo : l'internet par satellite disponible

La Gazette de la grande île - 28th February 2012 - Région Itasy : TSF ouvre un centre télécom communautaire


Satnews - 14th February 2012 - TSF Circles In To Assist After Cyclone Giovanna






Satnews - 6th December 2011 - TSF And VSF's Pilot Project... Phone and Veterinarians in Parched Kenya


ACTED - 10th November 2011 - "Opérationnels sous 24 heures"


Satnews - 20th October 2011 - TSF Is There... When Rain Is A real Pain In El Salvador


Satnews - 28th July 2011 - TSF Responds..Africa's Famine..No Rain For Two Years


France Magazine - July 2011 - Good Connections - 20th June 2011 - TSF installs VSAT antenna while Libya burns


Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes - 13 April 2011 - Sending of a humanitarian plane 28th March 2011 - Télécoms Sans Frontières' Communications liberate Libyans


Aljazeera - 4th March 2011 - Refugees airlifted from Tunisia


Fox News - 4th March 2011 - Tent camp, airlifts to help Libyan refugees


USA Today - 4th March 2011 - Tent camp, airlifts to help Libyan refugees


CBS News - 4th March 2011 - Tent camp, arlifts to help Libyan refugees


The Guardian- 4th March 2011 - Libya feared to be preventing migrant workers from leaving


Euronews - 4th March 2011 - Refugees flee Libyan unrest


BBC Radio - 4th March 2011 - Interview of Télécoms Sans Frontières technician Florian Vichot about the situation on the Libyan border


France 24- 4th March 2011 - Le camp de Choucha, première étape des travailleurs fuyant la Libye (First stage of aid workers retreating form Libya)

Channel 4 blog
- 3rd March 2011 - Libyan exodus: I'm alive...I'm in Tunisia


The Examiner - 3rd March 2011 - Tent camp, arlifts to help Libyan refugees


L'Express - 2nd March 2011 - Des milliers de réfugiés fuient la Libye (Thousand of refugees flee Libya) - 1st March 2011 - TSF in Tunisia and Libya offers order among chaos

The Telegraph - st1 March 2011 - US ships are moved to waters closer to Libya as the west debates military action


TVE - 1st March 2011 - Spanish report about the situation on the Libyan border


RFI - 26th February 2011 - A la frontière tunisio-libyenne, des tunisiens viennent en aide aux réfugiés égyptiens. (On the Tunisian-Libyan border, Tunisians come to the aid of Egyptian refugees)







The Daily Tribune - 20th Dec 2010 - Smart, NDRRMC benefit from Télécoms Sans Frontière training - 7th Nov 2010 - TSF's Satellite Saves after Tsunami Sweeps Indonesia - 9th Sept 2010 - TSF Still Calling in Pakistan - Reconnecting Families (SATCOM)


News - 6th Sept 2010 - Foreign Telecom NGO helping Flood Victims in Pakistan


El Ciudadano - 27th Aug 2010 - Ecuador asistió a seminario de Tecnologías de Informacíon para Emergencias - 26th Aug 2010 - TSF... Train for the Worst, Hope for the Best


En la Economía - 23rd Aug 2010 - Instruye la UE uso de telecomunicaciones en emergencias


BBC News - 16th July 2010 - How Disaster Relief 2.0 is saving lives in Haiti and beyond


BBC - 16th July 2010 - How disaster relief is saving lives in Haiti and beyond. Listen to TSF's director, Monique Lanne-Petit on the link "Read more" below


Global Communications Forum - 29th June 2010 - Identify a new role, new opportunities


BBC Radio - 30th March 2010 - Interview about the actions of Télécoms Sans Frontières in Haiti


BBC Radio - 26th March 2010 - Haiti - Phoning Home - 21st March 2010 - SIA They who serve are trully worthy...


BBC - PRI - 10th March 2010 - Interview of Paul Margie, Télécoms Sans Frontières representative in Washington


Focus Washington - 23rd Feb 2010 - Communication in Crisis: on the ground in Haiti with Paul Margie of TSFI


Cast TV - 12th Feb 2010 - Paul Margie on communicating in Crisis


The Boston Globe - 25th Jan 2010 - Agencies launch effort to aid quake communications


European Commission Facebook - 25th Jan 2010 - HAITI: Helping earthquake struck Haitians connect with loved ones


ECHO - 22nd Jan 2010 - Video about the actions of the Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission in Haiti


Euronews - 21st jan 2010 - The European Commission funds longer term systems in Haiti


Discovery News - 14th Jan 2010 - Bringing connectivity to a devastated Haiti


USA Today - 14th Jan 2010 - Haiti quake severely strains telecom services


The Washington Post - 13th Jan 2010 - Telecom non-profit sends teams to Haiti


Thomson Reuters Foundation - 13th Jan 2010 - Factbox: Countries, aid agencies seeking to help Haiti







The Washington Post - 15th Oct 2009 - Meet Télécoms Sans Frontières, Using Tech for Disaster Relief







BBC-PRI -19th Sept 2008 - A TSF responder reports from cyclone stricken Gonaives in Haiti. Haiti was hit by 4 consecutive cyclones leaving the 300,000 inhabitants of Gonaives in desperate need of assistance. Listen to the podcast on the link below: read more.

Engineering & Technology - 9th Aug - 5th Sep 2008 - Comms Disaster Relief. Here, There, and Everywhere


The Guardian - 26th Aug 2008 - One man's vision proves a lifeline in conflict zones and disasters


Telecom TV - July 2008 - TSF celebrates its 10th Anniversary in Clairefontaine-Paris and the founders thank our partners for their support. Watch the video on the link below: read more.


Financial Times - 3rd July 2008 - Communications is key in disaster relief


BBC - 6th May 2008 - TSF telecom centres in emergencies


BBC Radio - 6th May 2008 - Oisin Walton presents a TSF training session in emergency telecommunications







The Economist - 4th April 2007 - Telecommandos Disasters and Telecoms







AFP - 11th Oct 2006 - NGO Télécoms Sans Frontières signs partnership with the United Nations

Telecommunications reports - 5th Oct 2006 - More Telecom Companies Should Assist in Humanitarian Missions, NGO Chief Says


Telecom TV - 8th Sept 2006. TSF's deployment to Lebanon in response to the conflict in 2006. We installed communication centres for aid agencies and provided free calls to affected civilians. Watch the video on the link below: read more.


Business Week - 17th July 2006 - Telecom’s GeekSquad to the Rescue







The Times - 3rd Jan 2005 - Telecom charity forges links for tsunami victims







Asian tsunami - 2004 - A series of news stories on TSF's work in Sri Lanka and Indonesia after the Asian Tsunami, one of the most terrible natural disasters ever. Includes French and English media. Watch the video on the link below: read more.


ITP Technology - 7th Jan 2004 - Télécoms Sans Frontières sets up in Iran






The Guardian - 6th Dec 2000 - Phones without frontiers